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Whether brand new or age old, home is a home. The coziness you feel here is unbeatable. No matter wherever you go around the world, you always miss your own sweet home. It is a kind of invisible bond wherein you always long for your crash pad. You often decorate your dwelling with things that define you – your taste, preference and outlook. So actually, the way you decorate your home tells a lot about you as a person. Your choice of interiors shows your persona and your take on your special zone, leaving a lasting impact on the onlooker.

Besides everything else that makes a component of your home decor, switches too make an important part of your interiors. You cannot deny their existence even in the smallest of rooms. Given that there are so many premium switches available in the market, it is worth knowing how these modular switches are different from the regular ones. The latter may give you the utility, but the premium range of electrical switches will allow functionality engineered with the latest technology while boasting of aesthetic designing.

Crabtree is a renowned brand for home automation products and devices. It offers a multitude of premium switches and one such amazing range is Amare. Inspired by the elements of nature, Amare is a unique range of switches aesthetically designed to complement the latest home decor and interior trends. Along with the high quality switches, communication modules, support modules and other requisites, the variety counts in beautifully crafted wooden, glass and metal switch plates which dare to blend in perfectly with your tastefully designed decor and uplift the surrounding aura naturally.

Immerse in the aesthetics of these masterfully designed switch plates and experience the difference! The genuine elements of nature – wood, glass and metal – have become the source of this ingenuous creation by Crabtree. Available in different colours to match your interiors, all the wooden, glass and metal switch covers are scratch resistant and dust proof to keep you at ease. The range of Amare switches are made from fire retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material which is going to stay as it as for the rest of its life. All the switches have a soft switching mechanism for better feel, silver cadmium contacts for longer life and continuity, captive screws which enable fast loading and removal and self-lubricating plunger for better durability and mechanical life.

Of course, if you comprehend these switches look-wise, they look absolutely charismatic with their superior designing complemented by engineering excellence. Topped with meticulously crafted metal, glass and wooden switch plates, the Amare range of switches emerge as the winner in the premium range of electrical switches. The modular switch range is made using the high-grade material to ensure its durability, while conforming to the best of industry standards for the complete safety, protection and performance.

Let the elements of nature define your cozy space! Let Amare adorn your walls beautifully in an absolutely natural way. Bring another reason to love your abode a little more!

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