Ensure a Healthy Lifestyle with Stealth Puro Air

The most-awaited festivities of the year just got wrapped up, and one can actually feel how the air quality has deteriorated in the last few days. The Air Quality Index is readily showing the ‘severe’ category. With approaching winters, decelerating wind speed and increasing fires in farmlands, the pollutants would get the perfect nest to hover in the atmosphere. And all this would lead to grave air pollution which in turn would result in health problems. We are not unfamiliar to the consequences of prolonged exposure to air pollution. Not only can we develop multiple allergies, burning sensation, itchiness in eyes and throat, but also severe breathing issues.

Considering you can’t do much outdoors, installing air purifiers indoors can be one of the options to reduce the risk of developing pollution-related health problems. Not only they purify the air of any enclosed area, but also improve the air quality efficiently. But sometimes, installing an air-purifier is not possible due to space crunch or similar issues. To suit your needs while resolving such problems, Havells has come up with a unique amalgamation of technology with convenience in its Stealth Puro Air which is one-of-its-kind ceiling fan with in-built air-purifier. Amazing! Isn’t it?

In India, we have not heard about this concept of a ceiling fan with air-purifier before this and it is actually very different. The Stealth Puro Air is a stylish premium fan with a sweep of 1250 mm, integrated air purifier and remote control. Its IR based remote has different controls for ceiling fan, air purifier and lights. The best part is you can use ceiling fan and air purifier individually as per your requirements and weather.

Mentioning about its air purifier, the Stealth Puro Air possesses a 3 stage air purification system that filters PM 2.5, PM 10 along with VOC filtration and delivers an approximate Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130 m³/h . It has H11 - HEPA filter technology with activated carbon filter & pre filter that absorbs toxic elements and infuses fresh air with essential nutrients. So, summing up, we can say that it’s an efficient air-purifier that rapidly purifies the air present in your room, making it pollutant-free.

While making this multi-purpose Stealth Puro Air ceiling fan, the aesthetics have not been compromised and it is as stylish as any other premium segment fan. It features aerodynamically designed blades made of compounded ABS to gives less air friction for silent operation and very high strength to avoid deformation. It also has lights which makes it a complete package. You just need to switch on one appliance and you have purified air circulation as well as illumination. What else do you require?

Some brands do not need any introduction and Havells is one of them. It always introduces the most innovative products to meet the requirements of consumers’ fast paced life. Ensure a healthy lifestyle and well-being of your loved ones by installing Stealth Puro Air, a pioneering ceiling fan with in-built air-purifier and under light. Enjoy great air circulation, illumination and pollutant-free purified air – all at the same time.

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