Reasons To Switch From CFL Downlighter To Trim Clip On

Why to Switch from CFL Downlighter to Trim Clip On?

There was a time, when lighting meant an incandescent lamp fixed in a traditional holder, either set on the wall or hanging on a wire from the ceiling which illuminated the surrounding. With development in the field of lighting, tube lights emerged on the scene which improved the visual prospect. Meanwhile he traditional bulb also evolved and got better with time. Be it a pendant light, wall sconce or other relevant lighting fixture, the incandescent lamps were getting used in different ways to enhance the appeal of light and the plush décor of those times.

Like any other industry, lighting too, was evolving at a great pace. Owing to the technological advancements, the compact fluorescent light (CFLs) came into sight and changed the entire pattern of lighting. People switched from traditional bulbs to CFLs due to their energy-efficiency, versatility of usage and reduction in carbon emissions.

Almost in every house, office or buildings , you could find CFL downlighters because of their flexible application. However, any invention comes with its own set of drawback as well. And, with CFL downlighters, came the lengthy process of installation which requires times and money along with a set of people like electrician, mason, etc. The continuous research in the field of lighting resulted in the arrival of LEDs (light emitting diodes) which were energy efficient, smaller in size, environment-friendly, versatile in applications and easy to install as compared to CFLs.

Though the initial cost of LEDs might be high, they are cost effective in terms of energy saving and durability. Given that the market is now majorly influenced by LEDs, you may not find CFLs for your already installed fixtures. Probably, out of your 10 CFL downlighters, only 6 are working and you are in a dilemma as what to do next. You aren’t getting the same CFLs or downlighters in the market and want to escape the hassles of starting from scratch - getting new fixtures, and calling up the required people to get the job done.

Trim Clip-on Panels are better than CFLs in Every Sense

In such a situation, what can be a great respite is a Trim Clip-on Panel which is a unique recess cum surface panel featuring a special moving spring loaded sliding mechanism. Its special mechanism imparts an amazing adaptability and offers super easy installation. Its slim surface of 14 mm makes it perfect for both surface ceiling and false ceiling. Its clip-on aspect makes it suitable for any cutout shape, size, or orientation, which actually makes it a universal invention for all types of panel lights. The panel can support variable cutout sizes providing a minimum of 60 mm cut out for proper installation.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Using LED Panels

If compared to LED lights, CFLs are not eco-friendly at all. They contain the toxic mercury which is very harmful for our health and the environment. Since CFLs contain 1mg-5mg of mercury, they are proved to be hazardous for the atmosphere and do not comply with the RoHS. Further, they add in the carbon emissions, sulphur oxide and high-level nuclear waste. On the contrary, LEDs are RoHS compliant as they don’t contain mercury and don’t add much to the carbon emissions. Thus, installing Trim Clip-on LED Panels is a great idea to reduce your carbon footprint.

Without Requiring any Alteration, Clip-On Panels Fit in any Cutout of Fall Ceiling

At the time when CFL downlighters were used, generally people got all the lighting panels done at the time of construction because installing such fixtures required many jobs. However, with Trim Clip-on Panels, you need not to worry about incurring any additional expense or alterations. The Trim Clip-on LED Panels by Havells can adjust in any cutout as small as 60 mm of your false ceiling. In fact, its ultra slim design and unique clip-on feature make it suitable for surface ceilings too. So, get Trim Clip-on Panels installed in a snap without requiring any alterations on your ceiling.

To Sum Up

Havells, using the most modern technology, has crafted these high-grade Trim Clip-on LED Panels which are absolutely easy to install, durable, energy-efficient, and low on power consumption. Made with high-grade polycarbonate, the panels have the unique clip-on feature which makes them perfect for both false and surface ceilings. Their versatility makes them a perfect fit for almost any size cutout in false ceiling as far as it is 60 mm. A revolutionary product in the ceiling panel lighting, the Trim Clip-on Panel is a ubiquitous choice owing to its convincing set of advantages. Switch to Clip-on and switch on happiness!

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