Let the Elements of Nature Define...

Tastefully done interiors are always appreciated. The kind of home décor, one prefers, shows their taste, discernment and outlook towards their comfort zone. It also gives the onlooker an idea about the dweller’s persona on the whole. So, it is actually important to infuse your home with right things, decorate it with patience and incorporate the elements that portray you!

These days, people spend much in beautifying their homes. They leave no stone unturned in doing up the interiors which exude elegance. To add in this elegance and stylishness, it is important to assimilate elements which are inspired from nature. Like people have started using more of glass in doors, windows, creating partitions and such, it not only allows more light but also gives the illusion of spaciousness in the overall area.

Using wood has always been preferred since times unknown; it looks classy as well as preferred for its durability. Besides these, metal is another material which is favored for its resilience and flair. It can be used in a versatile manner for railings, frames, decorations, accessories and much more. Since modern day homes are more about comfort, elegance, smartness along with right blend of color schemes, it is equally imperative to use sustainable materials for the betterment of environment.

Though remain mostly unnoticed, switch boards are an essential component of any home and its interiors. In the present times, when everything is evolving at a fast pace, switch plates too have come out of their plastic shells and are made in wood, metal and even glass. Yes, that’s true! Switch boards have evolved in a real sense, and as expected, these switch cover plates look absolutely chic, neat, stylish and elegant to the core!

Now you must be pondering, after all, where you can find such beauties inspired by the elements of nature. So, not allowing more of suspense, Crabtree – the premium brand – has come up with an aesthetically designed range of switches, which are crafted to complement the latest interior trends, by the name of Amare. Inspired by genuine elements of nature, Amare features beautifully crafted wooden, glass and metal switch plates which have the propensity to blend well with the elegant décor and add to the classiness of your home.

In case you’re thinking what’s beyond, then it may come as a pleasant surprise that even these switch plates are available in different colors and textures to give the feel of proximity to nature. Be it glass, wood or metal, all the switch plates are engineered to withstand scratches, different weather conditions and even rugged handling. Amare switches and switch cover plates are designed keeping in mind the safety concerns as well. To know more about this awe-inspiring range of switches.

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