Switches that Stay Virus Free!

The pandemic has made us crazy. No one had thought even in their wildest dreams that staying indoors for the longest period in their life would be not so happening, and sanitizing each and everything would become a daily chore. Even after sanitizing, you never know from where, which and what can bring you in contact with the deadly virus. If we look around, we’ll find that there are certain things touched frequently almost by everyone. Like refrigerators, microwaves, taps, utensils, books, remote controls, electrical switches, mobile phones and much more.

Talking about electrical switches, you can’t actually manage without them. Given any place, your hands automatically search for the switches to turn on the light. And owing to this fact, switches are also one of the most exposed equipment to the virus. Whether you’re at home, office, retail shop, hospital or anywhere else, this is something everyone is using and of course, it is unsafe. But to your respite, now there is an anti-viral switch range that cleans itself and stays virus-free, helping keep a safe lifestyle.

Get 92.5% Anti-Viral Efficacy within 1 minute of Virus Exposure

Havells, the consumer electronics giant of India, has introduced anti-viral and anti-bacterial switches with ViruzSafe technology under its renowned brand, Crabtree. The ViruzSafe technology ensures 92.5% anti-viral efficacy within 1 minute of virus exposure on the exposed surface area of switches, sockets, front plates, etc. In just 2 hours, it is 99.89 % efficient in its Antiviral action.

Create a Safer Environment for Your Loved Ones

So, if you rely on the leading standards of efficacy, Crabtree’s anti-viral range of switches ensures that the viruses are not transmitted upon by touch of switches to the users. Mounting these switches will considerably reduce the chances of virus spread owing to touching switches and will help to create safe environment for people by evading transmission of virus, bacteria, pathogens via switches. This anti-viral range of switches is the perfect retort to the on-going need of using hygienic and authentic anti-viral products that can reduce virus transmission threats.

Made to be RoHS compliant, the innovative switch range, Athena and Signia, is made with non-cytotoxic plastic material which is recyclable to provide extra safety to the users and the environment. Complementing the technology with perfect looks, the range of anti-viral switches has not been compromised on its properties and performance in electrical wiring loads. Adding cherry on the top, the brand has ensured that you get extra safety without spending an extra penny on the switches.

On a concluding note, Havells has always come up with innovative ideas and provide world-class electrical goods to meet the needs of its consumers. Its leading brand for automation and impressive electrical switches, Crabtree is all set to ease your life and promote safe lifestyle with its anti-viral and anti-bacterial range of modular switches. Do check out the range on the website Crabtree and make your home a safer place with these switches.

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