See Your Home In New Light With Trim Clipon Panels

Evolution is inevitable in any given arena. There have been numerous technological developments that have aided in lighting up the world. From incandescent lights to CFL downlighters, you must have witnessed homes being illuminated in varied ways. And now, you can see sleek, smart LEDs replacing these conventional lights. Why?

CFL downlighters consume a lot more energy as compared to LED lights. Also, the warm-up time required for them to light up is high. Their low availability and harmful effects on the environment gave more reasons for people to shift to LED lights.

LEDs deliver light output with higher intensity as compared to traditional lighting solutions. These lights exude longevity while consuming minimum power, thereby helping you save on money while you go green. The aesthetic appeal they bring to your home is unparalleled. Such qualities of LEDs prompted many home dwellers to ditch the outdated CFL and see their homes in a better light.

Today, LED lights have become a prime lighting choice for residential lighting. While this is true, it has not deterred innovation in the field. Now, you can introduce your home to a ‘smarter’ lighting option – LED Trim Clipon Panel. These unique recess panels are specially designed to suit the needs of modern homeowners. Imagine these lights in your living room, adding a touch of elegance and beauty. These panels will help you to renew the way your room looks and feels. In addition, unlike CFL downlighters, these lights won’t keep you waiting till they light up your room! Using Trim Clipon Panels will also give you an opportunity to choose better colours suiting rooms of your home. Following are some more points that will help you clear your doubts about whether or not you should replace your old CFL for Trim Clipon Panels:

Smooth Handing

The first and foremost challenge faced while replacing any lighting system involves the extra efforts required to achieve the desirable look and feel. With LED Trim Clipon Panel, you can get rid of your current lighting and land on your perfect home lighting smoothly in no time. Thanks to their easy installation procedure! As opposed to needing a large group of interior designers, carpenters, and technicians to fix your new lighting, a single electrician can do the trick for you!

Tailor Made Lighting

Installing panel lights for the first time generally comes with its fair share of ceiling compatibility issues. This is hardly the case with Trim Clipon Panels due to their durable sliding spring mechanism. Incorporated in them, it enables the panels to fit any ceiling, including false and cut outs of any size or shape. Hence, you need not restructure your old cut out to make amendments for the new lights.

Brightness at its best!

Trim Clipon Panels are designed to light up your entire room to its optimal capacity. They have a 110-degree beam angle that helps the light reach every corner of the room. These are glare free lighting solutions made to brighten your room the way it was meant to be!

Visual Treat

Lights play a prime role in making your home look the way it does. The right choice of lighting helps you to uplift its ambience and set the perfect mood. So, opting for these slim and sleek Trim Clipons, accentuates the luxury quotient of your home. Give your home a premium look and improve its aesthetics with these visually appealing lights.

Safe choice

While you switch to Trim Clipon Panels, one thing to stop worrying about is the safety aspect. They come with a secure grip and allow a steady placement. In addition, a safety wire is attached to the panel, keeping it from falling off the ceiling.

We, at Havells, have come up with a unique range of energy efficient lighting options for you. Experience a new and effortless way of lighting up your homes with the LED Trim Clipon Panel lights. These lights are ultra slim with a surface size of 14 mm and variable cut out size of 60 mm, which makes them the perfect lighting solution for every corner of your home.

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