Switch to Comfort this Winter with Smart Lighting!

Yes, those days of the year are here, when even the thought of leaving the blanket can scare you to the core. It’s damn cold, and unless it’s really necessary, nobody wants to leave their couch. In such weather, getting up even to switch on/off a light seems like a colossal task. And then you wish if you had a genie who could have sorted this problem at your command. Tadaa!!! Havells has heard your wish and granted you with the boon of Smart Lighting.

Smart lighting can help you do almost everything you want with your lighting at just one command. We all know new age technology has given shape to so many ideas and smart lighting is actually one of them. When we say smart, it’s actually smart because it hears you and your requirements at a given time. Before describing their smart features, you must know that all the smart lights consists of LED which makes them durable, energy efficient, cost saving, eco-friendly and free from UV emissions.

Whether you’re tucked inside a blanket and feeling lazy to switch off the lights or your hands are busy kneading the flour and couldn’t reach the switch, just give a voice command to change the light setting, switch off or dim the light on your phone and enjoy a touch-free experience. It’s that easy. Once you get the smart light installed, you need to sync it with the app on your phone and enjoy a seamless experience. Likewise, the sleep mode comes handy when you or your partner is half asleep and you don’t feel like disturbing anyone. Without flinching a bit, just tap on the sleeping mode and your lights will go dim, creating a feeling of warmth. You just rest and relax, Havells Smart lighting will do the needful. Not only you, its multi-user support even allow your family to sync lights with apps on their phones and can easily change the light settings by a single tap or command.

No doubt technology has entered our lives and made our day to day life a lot easier. Just take a look around and you’ll so many things which are gifted to us due to innovations and technological advancements, and now we can’t even think to live without them. Smart lighting is steadily making its way into our homes and offices for the long-term benefits and comfort they offer. And when you can actually utilize its benefits, then why not?

Especially in these winter months, when being cozy is of the utmost importance, Havells Smart Lighting in the form of LED battens, downlighters and more are for rescue. Get these smart lights installed and snug up in that quilt for better reasons. Just give a voice command and you’re sorted. After all, who is going to get up and adjust that light? Be smart, invest smart and enjoy all the smartness at a simple tap!

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