Trim Clipon Panel To Suit Every Living Room

First impression is the best impression. People try to stay true to this statement in every walk of life, not leaving their abodes far behind. Living room is the first room that meets the eye and sets the vibe of your place. No matter which option you choose, only with appropriate lighting will your chosen style be enhanced! It might become difficult to take styling and lighting decisions, all at once. What if there was a lighting technology that would be apt for any kind of living room. Sounds great, right?

Trim Clipon Panels bring to the table so many features making it a perfect choice for any kind of living room. You might be wondering how they manage to do so. Any living room can be lit up with three kinds of lighting: ambient, accent and task lighting. These panels have the ability to provide such varied type of lighting in any living room, styled in any manner!


Ambient lighting is the starting point when it comes to any room lighting. As soon as you enter your room, you would want a glare-free ambient light that destresses you and embraces the whole space. For this purpose, you can use strategically placed lamps. But no matter what the size of your living room, the best lighting that can achieve this is ceiling panel lights. Trim Clipon Panels, with their 110-degree beam angle can fit on any kind of ceiling illuminating the entire room to the maximum brightness. The quality of light brought about by these panels can provide maximum coverage, no matter how small or huge your room is!


Now a days, many people choose the minimalistic approach to style their homes. To create the maximum impact with minimal essentials, play with your lighting! With accent lighting, you can add that subtle touch to any piece that you would like to highlight. To do this without utilizing too much space in your living room, ceiling lighting is your safest method. Trim Clipon Panels can be fixed anywhere on your ceiling, right above the furniture or painting you want to highlight. The safety aspect is also covered because these panel lights come with a secure grip. In addition, they are attached to a safety wire which keeps them from falling off the ceiling


Mid-century modern living rooms or vintage rooms include aesthetic furniture serving different purposes. To highlight those particular furniture pieces, task lighting is your saviour! In the presence of ambient lighting, you can use Trim Clipon Panels to enhance the brightness of these spots. With different pieces of furniture kept in different places, you might worry about the positioning of the lights. But with these panels having the ability to fit any cut out of any size or shape, it becomes easy to fit them anywhere according to the placement of your furniture.

Trim Clipons being slim and sleek, avoid clutter when placed in any kind of living room, adding an element of elegance. Add the right light in your room to set the perfect mood for your entire home. We, at Havells, have a wide range of options for you to light up your living room! Choose the one that suits you and witness its luminous wonders!

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