Know the Reasons to Automate your Home

If our lifestyles have become hectic, the technological advancements have given us ample reasons to keep the tasks simple. Like you can cut long distances really short through cars/bikes, you can use washing machines to wash clothes and no more scuffing is required on your part, and there can be thousands of examples to prove this. With a smartphone in every hand, you can easily attend to many tasks of your home without even being present there. Yes, it’s true and you can actually run, manage and monitor your home through your smart phone. With various equipments available to automate your home, you can actually be an owner of a smart home. Let’s explore the reasons to automate your home!

More Convenience
Home automation eases your tasks like switching on/off lights, controlling the temperature in a room/home, dimming the lights, etc. These are simple yet repetitive tasks in any home. Using home automation, you can either accomplish such tasks automatically or with fewer steps. Rather than turning off or dimming six different lights when you want to watch a movie, home automation lets you accomplish this task with one button. Likewise, the system allows you to turn the air-conditioner or heating on and off as and when required.

Save Money on Utility Bills
The most genuine reason to get the home automation system installed is savings on utility bills. As stated earlier, the automation system helps you control every appliance in the home, thus, you can easily check and shut the machines left on, in your absence. We often forget the turn off the machines. Using this system, we can easily turn off the lights, air-conditioner or adjust the thermostat of geyser, which can lower the utility bills by 10 % to 25 %.


Enhanced Safety
The automation system helps you to keep your home and your loved ones safe. Many a times, you’re in such a hurry that you don’t remember whether you left the steam iron on or off, which if left on can lead to accidents. With home automation system, you can control everything at a “click” on your phone. Likewise, you can easily avoid accidents which occur due to poor lighting. Once set, the system can automatically turn lights on in the closets, stairways, and other dark places when you enter to avoid tripping or running into things.

Improved Security
Home security is important, yet high installation cost or monthly monitoring charges of security systems seem unaffordable for many of us. With home automation system, you get a low-cost solution to home security. So, even if you have left your front door open, the automated system will allow you to lock or unlock the doors from anywhere. If any friend or relative is on the door in your absence, you can also give him the access to your home if required. Similarly, you can also avoid any undesirable person to get inside your home. Thus, you can be at peace while not even being present at home.

Control Your Home Even You’re Not Home
No need to hand over the keys to your neighbours when kids are home and you’re at work. Through automation system, you can actually control your home. You can get security cameras installed to monitor the kids, helpers and the status of activities around. Using a wifi connection and smart phone, you can keep a check on the home, kids and surroundings. So, no more worries and be at peace since your home is in safe hands.

In Concise Terms
A home automation system is definitely a boon in the fast-paced lifestyle. Not only it provides you the convenience, but also saves on your utilities. In the times when natural resources are running out, home automation can help in preserving these resources. It is one-of-a-kind learning experience for children because they learn about the latest technology and saving natural resources as well. In fact, a home automation system is something that the whole family can enjoy. Crabtree is one of the leading brands for home automation and automated systems in India. It offers a variety of customized solutions as per your automation requirements. If you wish to know more about home automation systems, click here!



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